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How to Teach Kids to Appreciate You More

6 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Appreciate All You Do For Them, Because You Do a Lot

How to Teach Kids to Appreciate You More

You know that old saying "we hurt the ones we love the most?" Well, I'm starting to believe it originated from a parent who was trying to justify their 7-year-old daughter's atrocious treatment of them. Seriously, my former little angel has always taken me for granted in the way that only a child should, but lately, her behavior has become downright entitled, bordering on seriously spoiled.

She lives a privileged life, complete with two parents and four grandparents who would do pretty much anything for her (she's our only daughter and the only granddaughter on both sides); but throughout her life, I've made a concerted effort to teach her about gratitude and that her blessings are not entitlements. Slowly, through a lot of work, she's starting to understand that I am her mother and not her cook, maid, driver, or punching bag. If you have a child whose appreciation of you seems woefully underdeveloped, here's how to get at least a few of the kudos you deserve.

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