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Jimmy Kimmel Complaining About Baby Shark Video

Jimmy Kimmel RIPS on the Creators of Baby Shark, and It'll Leave Every Parent in Hysterics

The insanely annoying children's song "Baby Shark" has taken over our lives in more ways than we're proud to admit (if you haven't heard the song by Pinkfong, do yourself a favor and don't look it up), and Jimmy Kimmel is not holding back his thoughts about it. After it was announced that the song made its debut in Billboard 100's Top 40 at number 32, the late-night host had some choice words for the people "responsible" for this doo, doo, doo epidemic, and it'll leave every parent laughing in agreement.

"Baby Shark is so big now, it just got engaged to Ariana Grande, and they're very happy together," he said during Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I don't think I'm overreacting when I say: whoever is responsible for it should be locked in prison for the rest of their lives, and then when they die, their body should be fed to the very sharks they sang about." Mic. Drop. Watch the hilarious video above, and then check out the Valentine's Day version of the song, because yep, it's gotten to that.

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