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Kelly Clarkson's Tweet About Daughter's Chris Martin Crush

Bless Kelly Clarkson For Filming Her Daughter Explaining Her Crush on Chris Martin

Kelly Clarkson recently revealed her 4-year-old daughter's celebrity crush to her millions of followers on Twitter — because what are parents for? As it turns out, Kelly's River Rose "wants to marry" Chris Martin and is "obsessed" with Coldplay's "Yellow." It is a pretty iconic song, after all.

Naturally, Kelly informed her daughter that her crush isn't exactly age-appropriate. "She wants to marry the boy in the video . . . I have informed her he is not a boy anymore and has kids older than her," Kelly said. "She will have none of it, she is determined."

In the adorable video, River explains her affinity for the singer and then even does an impromptu cover of her favorite song with some backup vocals from her talented mama. Watch the adorable exchange above.

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