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Parents Report Hatchimals Using Swear Words

Parents Are Reporting That Their Kids' Hatchimals Use Swear Words

The latest news in Hatchimals is that they enjoy swearing just as much as many moms do. Parents are taking to social media with tweets, statuses, and videos to share that their child's coveted hot toy of the year learned a new trick in the form of repetitive curse words. If you listen carefully to the Hatchimal in the video above, you'll quickly notice that its seemingly innocent snoring noises actually sound a lot like it's saying "F*ck me" over and over and over.

Although this newest revelation regarding the interactive toy is hilarious, it's just another issue parents are having with the toy — one of which involved the eggs not even hatching — since its release late in 2016. Nick and Sarah Galego shared a video of their 6-year-old's Hatchimal showing off its foul mouth, however, the couple told CTV Vancouver that their son loves his toy and is young enough that he doesn't seem to acknowledge the phrase, so they'll be keeping it around.

After seeing the Galego family's video, Spin Master made a statement saying that the toys are not loaded with curses in their vocabulary. "Hatchimals speak their own language made up of random sounds. We can assure you that the Hatchimal is not saying anything inappropriate. The one in the video appears to be sleeping."

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