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Pink's Daughter Shaves Dad Carey Hart's Head

Pink's Daughter, Queen of Makeup Tutorials, Tries Cutting Hair, With Dad as Her First Client

Pink and her husband Carey Hart are known for the badass and admirable way they parent their two kids, Willow and Jameson. Their six-year-old daughter frequently joins them on the red carpet, films her own makeup tutorials, and now evidently cuts hair.

Carey recently posted a hilarious snap of Willow holding a razor, intensely staring down the camera, after giving him an . . . interesting fade. His face might show shock in the photo, but we think the caption gives it away ā€” there's definitely laughter on the inside. While the initial haircut may have have been a bit, um, dramatic, Carey's most recent video shows him wearing a hat covering what we assume is a fully shaved head.

We love how independent Willow is and how her parents give her opportunities to exercise her creativity, whether she's setting up her own hair salon or selling candy for charity. It's always awesome to see parents lift up and encourage their kids' interests. Way to go, Willow!

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