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Pink's Daughter Willow Selling Candy For Charity

Pink's 6-Year-Old Daughter Is Raising Money For Haiti, Because Being a Badass Is Genetic

Pink's daughter, Willow, is doing her part and leading in her mom's activist footsteps. In an Instagram snap posted Friday, the singer's husband, BMX rider Carey Hart, shared that their 6-year-old and her friend Gracie "wanted to do some charity work." They bought candy in bulk and set up a table in the catering area where Pink is currently rehearsing for her upcoming tour.

Carey also revealed that the girls are donating their profits to Haiti, and he took a swipe at Donald Trump's recent "sh*thole countries" comment by writing, "Good work ladies. #DontTellTrump." Willow's interest in charitable efforts is just one example of Pink and Carey's badass approach to parenting. Pink's tour kicks off March 1, and Willow's presidential campaign kicks off in 2046.

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