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The Rock's Daughter Asking For Snacks

Dwayne Johnson's Daughter Trying to Con Him Into Snacks Before Dinner Is Every Toddler

If there's one thing that's consistent among toddlers, it's that no matter how picky they might be during actual mealtimes, they never, ever stop snacking. Ten minutes after they've finished the breakfast you begged them to take a bite of, they want a snack. Less than 20 minutes after demolishing an adult amount of chicken nuggets, they want four snacks. It seems to never end, and Dwayne Johnson just learned the hard way that there is absolutely no way of telling a toddler — hungry or not — that they can't have the snack they so desperately need in that moment.

After coming home from a long day at work, an exhausted Johnson was greeted by his 2-year-old, who had more than just a hello on her mind — the girl needed cereal in her little red cup, and STAT.

"In da cuppp. After a very long and fatiguing day of work, the battle of wills between me and my baby, Jasmine Lia was just the mental therapy I needed," Johnson captioned an adorable video of the whole scenario on Instagram. "When she throws the cup and pretends to be sad . . . she's rewriting the psychological chess game, that I thought I mastered. Think again daddy."

Toddlers, man.

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