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Watch These 2 Sisters Absolutely Freak Out Over Their Mom's Pregnancy News

Hilary Barrett knew that she wanted to do something special when it came to telling her 11- and 8-year-old daughters the news that she was pregnant with their baby sibling, but little did she know that her sweet and simple gesture would result in such an intense reaction. Armed with two mini cookie cakes for the girls — one that read "Big Sister" for Christina and one that read "Big Sister . . . Again" for Harleigh — she turned on the camera to videotape them and their reactions to the news (let's just say, there was a lot of screaming).

The pregnancy announcement video, which was originally filmed in 2014 but has resurfaced because, honestly, it's too good not to bookmark and watch on days you need a pick-me-up, has over 7 million views on YouTube. Hilary didn't know the gender of her baby back when the video was filmed, but we now know from her comments that Christina and Harleigh have a baby brother!

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