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Skip Hop Nursery Drone

Skip Hop's Hilarious "New" Product Is For Helicopter Moms Everywhere

Ever wish your baby monitor could work everywhere? When the grainy images of the inside of your child's crib just won't cut it, Skip Hop has unveiled something far more intrusive — which may even be deemed the ultimate advancement in parental surveillance technology — with the Nursery Drone.

For helicopter parents everywhere, the drone is a "state-of-the-art monitoring device," according to the brand's just-announced press release, that touts a built-in HD camera, WiFi-enabled real-time transmission, and smartphone compatibility.

"Nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes with constant surveillance," said Ellen Diamant, Skip Hop's chief creative officer and cofounder. "Parents have been coming to us for years asking for a monitoring device that is able to follow and capture their little one's every move. With the ability to capture images and video from over 25 feet away, parents will never have to miss a single moment again."

The only problem? It's one big prank.

In advance of April Fools' Day, the clever folks at Skip Hop shared a fake video showcasing the supposed Nursery Drone in action with zero plans of actually producing the flying monitor for retail. A good day for baby privacy rights and a sad day for hovering moms the world over.

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