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Students Fight Back Against School Dress Code

These Students Are Fighting Their School Dress Codes With 1 Powerful Statement

Every week it seems a different school is cracking down on the student dress code, and with back to school in full force, some students are fiercely fighting the new rules.

When Cape Cod Regional Technical High School updated its dress code to ban yoga pants and leggings, unless worn underneath a skirt, shorts, or with a long top, the students quickly threatened to protest the new rule by breaking it on the first day back.

"We're not wearing them to get attention from people, we're wearing them because they're comfortable," said Seana Aiolupotea, the school's senior class president.

The sentiment that girls should wear what they want without feeling targeted or being called a "sexual distraction" by their school administrators is being echoed everywhere, even as far as Canada where a high school girl was sent home for wearing a long halter dress.

Lauren Wiggins took to her Facebook, writing, "Enough is enough. I'm tired of the unjust standards that we as women are held up to. I'm tired of the discrimination against our bodies, and I'm absolutely fed up with comments that make us feel like we can't be comfortable without being provocative."

The 17-year-old was later suspended for a day after posting her open letter and has since taken down the post. More students like Lauren, however, are not backing down, with some even going so far as to print out little pieces of paper that say, "Girls wear shorts in order to stay cool when hot, not for you. We are 17 years old, stop sexualizing our bodies. If my shorts make you uncomfortable YOU are the problem."

Do you think schools are taking it too far with dress-code rules?

Image Source: TODAY
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