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Teacher's Note to Students About Avengers Spoilers

Teacher Pastes Enormous Note on Classroom Door Begging Kids to Not Discuss Avengers Until He Can See It

You can't find an article about Avengers: Endgame that doesn't have some warning at the top about potential spoilers. Whether it's something as innocuous as calling out the boring scenes ideal for bathroom breaks or a robust theory about whether or not Thanos would be defeated, if you want to avoid any chance of learning too much, it's best to be cautious. But one teacher is taking that caution very, very seriously.

In a now-viral tweet, a quick-witted student snapped a picture of an iconic warning her teacher taped onto the outside of their classroom door, and we're loving it! He is evidently the biggest Marvel fan out there and can't see the movie until Wednesday night ("at the soonest" the note said), so he basically begged his students not to discuss it inside his classroom. Man, that's going to be a rough few days for this guy — everyone is talking about this film!

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