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Tips For Late Nights With a Baby From a Mom

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim

Life's big transition times, like bringing home a new baby, can be challenging and totally unpredictable. As part of our Book of Life series, we've partnered with Keurig® to show moms how to make those late nights a little easier and savor the quiet moments.

A new baby can inspire every emotion under the sun . . . and then more by the light of the moon. Your life — and sleep schedule — has forever changed so drastically. But parents can survive, and even delight in, the late nights of the early days with a game plan in place, and a cup of coffee in hand. It's all about pausing to enjoy those moments of calm and stealing a few minutes for yourself amongst the chaos to soak it all in. Here are some suggestions to turn the unpredictable hours before sunrise into an eagerly anticipated occasion.

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