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Tom Brady Quotes About His Kids and Football Jan. 2019

Tom Brady's Kids Have SUCH Varying Opinions About His Football Games, It's Adorable

When we think of Tom Brady, we think of unstoppable touchdown passes. Some might even think he's the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen. But ahead of his ninth Super Bowl appearance, Tom took some time to talk about his absolute biggest fans, who also happen to be his biggest critics: his kids. During a press appearance, the 41-year-old football player discussed what 11-year-old Jack, 9-year-old Benny, and 6-year-old Vivian think about his career, and his comments couldn't be more spot on when it comes to how different all kids are.

"I'll talk to my son Jack about the game and what he thought of the game and [he'll say], 'Dad, what were you doing on this play?! Why didn't you just do this?!' He watches football, and his buddies talk about football. That's just a great thing for a dad, and for all of us, when our kids are interested in what we're doing," Tom reflected in a video from USA Today. "My son Benny, I don't know if he'll watch one play in the game but the fact that he gets popcorn and a bunch of junk food is what he looks forward to." Benny, we should be friends.

But Tom and Gisele Bündchen's youngest child, Vivian, is Tom's biggest fan. "And V, she's the little cheerleader. She'll tell me, 'Daddy, did you hear me? I said go, Daddy, go!' . . . The kids bring so much perspective to our lives, and they're just the most beautiful things in our life, so joyful. The fact that they're getting older and they get to share this with me is really creating so many memories, obviously for them but for me too in ways that were very different when I was younger. It's really a cool thing for them to be here watching."

So sweet! We can't wait to see Gisele and the kids cheering Tom on during Super Bowl LIII. Watch the video ahead, and see photos of Tom and his adorable kids.

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