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Top Baby Names 2019

Some of the Trendiest Names of 2019 That You'll Definitely Keep Seeing in 2020

Top Baby Names 2019
Image Source: Unsplash

There's nothing I love more than baby names — truly, I live to sift through lists of names, picking and choosing which ones I love best even if I'll never have enough kids to give all the names to (maybe they'll each have five middle names?). Heading out of 2019, we saw quite a few new, more uncommon names (that originally appeared in Nameberry's data around the most popular names of 2018), which we have a feeling we might keep seeing gain popularity through 2020.

Scroll through the top 60 names — 30 girls' and 30 boys' — that gained popularity in 2019 ahead, and prepare to keep seeing a ton of them on 2020 birth announcements as well!

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