Based on 2019's Trends, These Are Going to Be the Most Popular Baby Names of 2020

Based on the most popular names of 2019, it's safe to say that many parents' tastes in baby names are shifting. Between the rise in gender-neutral names and the fact that many are moving away from choosing classics like Mary or Edward, there's been more room for less common names — some unique, some that just haven't been used in a while.

If you're going to be naming a baby in 2020, take a peek at our predictions for what will be some of the most popular names for boys, girls, or either.

The Most Popular Names of 2020 Predictions

  1. Archie
  2. Arlo
  3. Atlas
  4. Beckett
  5. Billie
  6. Briar
  7. Cash
  8. Ellis
  9. Elodie
  10. Emerson
  11. Evelyn
  12. Felix
  13. Harlow
  14. Hazel
  15. Hugo
  16. James
  17. Marlowe
  18. Maxwell
  19. Milo
  20. Nash
  21. Piper
  22. Poppy
  23. Reese
  24. Shea
  25. Theo