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Where to Buy Kellogg's Baby Shark Cereal

Baby Shark Is Invading Sam's Club and Walmart in the Form of This Adorable New Cereal

Getting "Baby Shark" stuck in your head first thing in the morning might soon be inevitable because of Kellogg's new cereal. That's right: Baby Shark Cereal is hitting shelves, so you really and truly can't hide from the phenomenon that's taking over our homes. The cereal has "berry fin-tastic" flavored rings, according to a Kellogg's press release, and there are mini marshmallows, too. The cereal is not shark-shaped, but it does feature everybody's favorite cute sharks on the box.

If you choose to voluntarily bring this limited-edition cereal into your kitchen, you can find it exclusively at Sam's Club for the first 30 days of the launch beginning on Aug. 17. After that, you'll find it at all Sam's Club locations in addition to select Walmart stores beginning in late September. Best of luck ever getting this song out of your head, parents!

Image Source: Kellogg's
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