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Eminem Parody About Getting Kids to Wear Coats During Winter

This Video Is For All the Parents Struggling to Put a Coat (and Boots and Gloves) on Their Kids Right Now

Why is it so, so so hard to get kids to put on their coats every Winter? Never mind the snow boots, hat, scarf, mittens, or gloves – getting them to wear anything remotely resembling outerwear is one of the biggest struggles for most parents this time of year.

The Holderness family is no exception, which is why they put together a hilarious parody video to the tune of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" (aptly titled "Shoes Yourself") back in 2017. But they also went and did one better: they unearthed the reason why children actually seem to loathe coat-wearing. And it's backed by science!

Apparently, it's natural for kiddos to hate the feeling of being swaddled, bound, or constricted – they still prefer nakedness! Plus, baby's and children's body temperatures are naturally higher than adults. That, coupled with the fact that kids tend to exert more energy (running, jumping, and sweating) than grownups, and it's true that they actually need fewer layers than expected.

Bottom line, however, is that we still can't be seen with the kid running around in the snow dressed for a July pool day, so the saga continues . . .

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