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Young Boy's Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism

This Boy Knows More About the Correlation Between Vaccines and Autism Than Most Parents

Vaccines DO cause autism.

Posted by Marco Arturo on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Before you decide to either agree or disagree with young scientist Marco Arturo based on his two-minute Facebook video, "Vaccines DO cause Autism," you should give it a watch. Marco claims from the beginning that doctors have been lying to us about vaccines, so he decided to do extensive research to prove that vaccines can and do cause autism — he even compiled his findings in a folder aptly labeled, "Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism." Marco then tells viewers that he's going to read the "evidence" page by page, but we promise, it's not going to be at all what you're expecting.

Give the video a watch to hear his argument for yourself.

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