See the Gorgeous Second Installment of the Viral "Fed Is Best" Photo Series

Abbie Fox

In 2016, Abbie Fox of Foxy Photography released a stunning photo series called "Fed Is Best," which highlighted a group of mothers, each with a different method of feeding their babies. The idea for the project came to Fox after the birth of her first child, Maverick. As a result of the pressures she felt to nurse her son combined with the guilt she felt when she couldn't, she decided to show through photography that whichever way a mom feeds her baby is beautiful. The series, which featured a gorgeous panoramic photo of 21 moms, went completely viral.

"Last year I did a project that was near and dear to my heart and it was such a hit I decided to do it again this year," Fox wrote on Facebook in a caption to the incredible new photo in the series. "I had many issues while trying to nurse my babies with a lot of other moms judging me and making me feel bad for something I couldn't physically do. There were always gorgeous breastfeeding photos but I noticed one main thing missing: the other moms who weren't able to nurse."

Now a year since her first photo's success, it's still so important for the mom to continue shedding light on the "Fed Is Best" concept, but this time, she's doing it for a different reason. "This session felt differently this year because I was doing it for the other ladies and not for me," Fox told POPSUGAR. "Last year the project was for me to express my opinions on the subject and this year so many ladies wanted to participate because they remembered it from last year and agreed with the message."

Although representing bottle-fed babies and breastfed babies helps to spread her overall message, the photographer admitted she wished she were able to include tube-fed babies in this latest shoot. "I had two ladies interested, but due to the location I had already arranged it was going to be 110 degrees and both moms didn't want to bring their babies out, which was totally understandable. I just wish I could have had those babies represented. Next year I will definitely push that one more."

Luckily for us, it sounds like we may get to see those babies next year, as Fox plans on continuing this inspiring project as long as there's interest in it. "It is important to remind people that mommy-shaming is a real thing even though many are in denial about it," she said. "We moms are all struggling in our own ways and we can for sure get more support than negative comments."