This Stunning Rainbow Baby Maternity Shoot Was Made More Special by an Actual Rainbow

When photographer Abbie Fox saw a triple rainbow during a maternity shoot with 34-year-old Edit Hansen, she knew she had to capture it. But what Edit told Abbie about her current and past pregnancies would turn out to make this rainbow all the more special. Edit is currently pregnant for the fourth time with her second rainbow baby.

After suffering a miscarriage with her first child, Edit gave birth to her first rainbow baby, her now-2-year-old son, Leonardo. Eight months after his birth, she became pregnant again, but sadly lost the baby a week later. Now pregnant with her fourth child and second rainbow baby, a little girl to be named Chiara Julianna, she decided to capture the experience of this pregnancy with a maternity shoot.

The shoot with Abbie was set up outside in the mountains and Edit wore a number of stunning gowns that looked brilliant against the landscape. "I really loved the idea of taking pictures against the backdrop of a beautiful and majestic landscape, since I felt at once so small against the mountains and the whole of this universe, while partaking in an incredibly universal experience," Edit told Babble.

Abbie said that being able to do this type of shoot meant the world to her. "Edit mentioned that her babies were both rainbow babies while we were doing the sessions, so I knew it would be the perfect shoot for her, but I had no idea how much rainbows meant to her really until after the session," Abbie told POPSUGAR Moms. "It is my job to make my images mean something to my clients and I'm blessed every day that families hire me to do so, especially when there is a deeper meaning like this one."

Look through to see more of the beautiful photos Abbie took of Edit during their rainbow baby maternity shoot.