Even Jafar Would Perk Up at the Sight of This Aladdin-Themed Cake Smash

Photographer Lynn Puzzo, a long-time Disney-lover from Fayetteville, GA, is taking her obsession to new heights in the form of an Aladdin-themed cake smash so cute, we have a feeling it'd earn Jafar's stamp of approval. After mulling over doing a Lion King theme, Lynn and her client, Ana Avant, opted to dress up Ana's 1-year-old son Jett up as the prince of Agrabah instead.

"The live-action Aladdin movie was just coming out, and as soon as she mentioned it, it basically consumed my thoughts until I did the session!" Lynn told POPSUGAR. "I made sure to see the movie in theaters, of course, to brush up on details. I also made a lot of the set myself and tried to keep it as representative of the movie as much as I could. It was important to reference the film, and keep it as authentic as possible while creating a baby-friendly set."

Although Jett wasn't especially interested in destroying the dessert — who can blame him? It's beautiful! — he took a major interest in the spatula beside him. Keep reading to get a look at this incredible cake smash photo shoot that involves both a tiny fez and a full-on magic carpet!