This Little Girl Had a Starbucks Cake Smash, and We See Frappuccinos in Her Future!

Lynn Puzzo's obsession with Starbucks coffee runs deep. So deep, in fact, that the Fayetteville, GA, photographer used the iconic brand to make a big splash by staging an adorable cake smash photo shoot featuring a 1-year-old girl named Aria.

"The idea for this session came from my obsession with Starbucks!" she told POPSUGAR. "I found the outfit and ordered a cake, and then found the model and put the set together to bring my vision to life. I was super excited about it and didn't tell a soul — including the model! — I wanted it to be a total surprise! I searched the internet and wasn't able to find any other Starbucks-themed cake smash sessions!"

Clearly, her idea panned out! Scroll through to get a look at the adorable, Frappuccino-themed photos.