Ali Fedotowsky Flaunts Her Honest Postpartum Body in a Bikini, and That Sound Is Booming Applause

Ali Fedotowsky

Two months after welcoming her second child, a son named Riley Doran, Bachelor alum Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is getting real about her postpartum body, and that sound you hear is our booming applause. Through a partnership with Lilly & Lime Swimwear, Ali made the decision to bare all in a couple of adorable bikinis to fight the stigma of "bouncing back after baby" and to show her admiring followers that she's not as "perfect" as they think she is.

"I want you all to see me as I really am, and to know that I'm not perfect."

"I've gotten so many comments from people on my recent Instagram photos saying that they can't believe how much I bounced back to my prepregnancy body. Or someone will say something like 'I wish I looked that good after having a baby!'" she wrote on her blog. "And while I appreciate the positive comments, you guys are always so good to me, I keep trying to explain that I'm just good at picking out clothes that flatter my body and hide my tummy. And I've tried to assure many of you that I haven't completely bounced back and that my body has changed — a lot! But as much as I say that, I feel like it's hard to believe unless I show you guys. I want you all to see me as I really am, and to know that I'm not perfect and I struggle with my postpartum body just like many other women out there do."

And show off her body, she did, in a series of four photos that prove that what you see on social media isn't always "real" and to share that she's learning to appreciate her body just the way it is. "I bounced back pretty quickly after I gave birth to Molly. But things are different this time and I'm OK with that. I'm learning to love my body and embrace how it's changed. I hope I get back to my prepregnancy shape one day, but that may never happen. And if it doesn't, that's OK."

Check out the honest postpartum photos Ali shared — and what she had to say about them on her blog — ahead.

"This photos shows that you can't believe everything you see on social media!" Ali wrote. "Standing in a certain pose can make you 'look' like you are one way when your real body is something different."

"You can see my tummy under this towel and I love every inch of it!"