Comedian Ali Wong Finally Accepts Her C-Section Scar: "It Bummed Me Out For a While"

Comedian and mom-of-two Ali Wong recently opened up about pregnancy loss and her post-baby body. In a cover story for Health, the writer and stand-up comic you may recognize from the Netflix special Hard Knock Wife, shared that not only has she experienced a miscarriage, but she was nervous about her in-laws' potential reaction to the devastating news.

"I remember hoping my husband's parents wouldn't be disappointed. It was this intrinsic concern. I didn't want them to feel like their son married a bad seed," she said. "And they didn't feel that way; they were very supportive. There was nothing that would indicate that they would ever think that way, but that's where my mind immediately went."

When Ali first found out about the pregnancy, she was eager to tell everyone in her circle immediately, unaware that many women choose to wait until around 12 weeks to spread the news. "That's why I told everybody about the pregnancy. I told the lady who cleans my house, and when she found out I was seven weeks along, she told me I shouldn't be telling people," explained Ali. "Now I know why. It's because then you have to tell everyone the bad news."

Although most people are quick to reassure women that pregnancy loss isn't their fault, some aren't above making questionable comments. "Some people have insensitive reactions," she continues. "Like, they will ask if it's because you had sushi or you were performing too much. They want to point to some cause and don't realize how bad that makes you feel."

The 37-year-old mom also explained that having two C-sections did a number on her body. "My belly is a little lopsided over my scar. I have a keloid thing that runs in my family," she explained. "The scar bummed me out for a while, until one day, I was like, 'It is what it is. I got two beautiful girls out of it.' I'd like to say it's a celebration of my body, but if I am being truthful, it's not — it's just that it doesn't bum me out anymore."