This Woman Saved ALL Her Amazon Boxes to Prank Her Husband, and Damn It, She's Brilliant

Maureen Pritchard — a woman from Green Bay, WI, and hopefully my new best friend — pulled the ultimate prank on her husband, Rob, on April Fool's Day in 2019. After saving up all of her family's Amazon boxes from the past few months, she piled them up on the front lawn just in time for her husband to come home. Not only does she get some serious points for creativity, but Rob's reaction is, well, exactly what you'd expect it to be.

"I've been planning an April Fool's joke to play on Rob for MONTHS!! I got him good! I wish I would have continued to record right away when he came in the house," she wrote on Facebook. "When he saw me recording out the window I thought he realized that it was a joke, but when he came inside he kept asking, 'What IS all that?!?' I had to explain that it was 6 months of saved boxes, from us, my parents, and my sister! The second video is his reaction. April Fools! Anyone need any boxes?!? You have no idea how many people slowed down or stopped in front of our house all day today!"

Not only is this prank totally doable for the run-of-the-mill parent, but we're betting many, many partners would have the same reaction as Rob did. Scroll through to see how the hilarious trick unfolded.