This Amazon Prime Delivery Guy Stopped to Play Basketball With a Boy, and His Timing Was Everything

Ember Robbins, a mom of four boys, knows how crazy the days can be when you're looking after multiple kiddos. But in a now-viral Facebook post she shared on Jan. 28, Ember saw just how impactful a kind deed can be. It all started when she noticed the Amazon delivery man stopped to play basketball with her son. In a heartfelt open letter, she described why the act was so meaningful.

"Dear Amazon Prime Guy,

You have NO IDEA what you just did when you took a minute to slam dunk and shoot a couple hoops with my son and his friends, just to return an hour later with a brand new basketball for him since it was worn out and going flat," she wrote. "What you don't know is that my son had a really hard day at school today. He's been dealing with a classmate being mean to him for a few days now, and you did what I tried to but couldn't. You turned his whole day around. Probably his whole week."

While Ember is thrilled that a kind stranger turned her son's day around, she instantly regretted not taking the time to get to know him. "I wish I would have asked your name, because the world should know what a good human you are and I would have loved to personally thank you," she wrote. In a sweet update Ember made the following day, she shared that she was, in fact, able to meet the nice stranger. "PSA," she wrote. "Amazon Prime Guy has been found, has messaged me and I have officially been able to say thank you."