An Amazon Prime Delivery Guy Had the World's Purest Reaction to Discovering Snacks Outside a Home

While the internet has no doubt made holiday shopping a zillion times easier, it's clear that the most wonderful time of the year is pretty hectic for delivery people. Recently, a woman named Kathy Ouma wanted to do her part for the men and women who drop off her family's packages, so she left them a basket of snacks and drinks on the porch. Kathy even typed up a note to the delivery drivers, which read: "Please take some goodies to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy."

While the concept alone is certainly sweet, Kathy used her Ring doorbell to capture Kareem Earl Reed III's reaction to finding the treats, and it's the epitome of pure. As you can see in Kathy's video, Kareem becomes visibly excited upon seeing the basket of snacks. "Oh, this is nice!" he says. "Ah, they got some goodies! Wow! Oh, this is sweet! Oh, wow, get out of here!" We are instant fans of his upbeat attitude.

Obviously, his reaction — along with a final celebratory dance — is everything. Since Kathy shared the video to Facebook on Dec. 2, it's amassed 2.4 million views.

After the video went viral, Kareem reached out to Kathy to thank her for the kind gesture. "Ms. Kathy Ouma, I'm glad I could make you smile that day wit this one," he wrote in a Facebook post on Dec. 4. "The thing about it is I forgot to bring my lunch that day and I wasn't feeling good until I got to your house and [saw] the snacks. May the Divine bless your always for your kindness." How's that for a little holiday cheer?!