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America Ferrera Talks About Her Baby With Kelly Clarkson

Aww, America Ferrera's Baby Had the Most Grown-Up Reaction to Her Yelling at Her Husband

It looks like America Ferrera's baby son is growing up to be quite the peacekeeper. When America stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show on Monday, she opened up about how her 16-month-old, Sebastian (or Baz, for short), recently shut her down when she hollered at her husband, Ryan Piers Williams. The Superstore actress reenacted the interaction, explaining, "My husband said something that really annoyed me, as husbands do, and I kind of raised my voice at him . . . and Baz, my son, went, 'Mama, no no.'" America said her "heart broke" at her son's reaction, adding, "It was just like he was putting me in my place and I was kind of really proud of him for doing that." Aww! Watch the interview above to see America relive the relatable parenting moment, and then hear what she had to say about body confidence later on during her talkshow appearance.

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