The 1 Thing That Is Bringing This Toddler Joy After She Lost All of Her Limbs

Just 10 days after taking her first steps, Harmonie-Rose Ivy Allen lost all of her limbs.

When she was just 11 months old, the little girl from Bath was diagnosed with meningitis, and doctors gave her a 10 percent chance of survival. Although Harmonie has persevered and is adapting to her new body and life as a quadruple amputee, the girl has yet to meet another person who looks like her.

"I love her inside and out . . . She's beautiful, funny, smart, and she never gives up," Harmonie's mom, Freya Hall, told ABC News. "She is quite upfront, too. I have seen her introduce herself to another child by saying, 'I'm Harmonie and I have no hands.'"

In honor of her upcoming third birthday, Hall made arrangements to surprise Harmonie with a major treat — an American Girl doll, named Rebecca, that looks just like her. Thanks to the help of her friend, the doll was picked up in New York and given four prosthetic limbs before making its way to Harmonie.

"Harmonie has never seen another quadruple amputee, so it's amazing to show her that she's not the only one," Hall said. "I'm hoping it will encourage her to go on her prosthetic legs a little more too. At the moment, Harmonie sees her legs more as a hindrance rather than something that will help her."

While Harmonie's birthday isn't for a few more months, her mom couldn't wait to give it to her once she saw the amazing results. "She just said, 'Mommy, she's just like me,'" Hall said. "She loves to take the arms and the legs off and they love to sit next to each other without the prosthetics on."