"Is That Mommy?": Watch Amy Schumer's 1-Year-Old React to Seeing Her on TV For the First Time

Not many people can say their mom was in a Super Bowl commercial, but Amy Schumer's son, Gene, can — not that he has any plans to celebrate or anything. The day after Super Bowl LV, Amy shared a video on Instagram of her son reacting to a Hellmann's Mayonnaise commerical she starred in as the "Fairy Godmayo," and he was unimpressed, to say the least. "Is that mommy?" Amy asked Gene as he sat in her husband Chris Fischer's lap.

Even though it was Gene's first time seeing Amy on TV, the 1-year-old had little more to say than "yeah" as he kept his eyes fixated on the screen. But the real treat was seeing Amy and Chris react to their baby boy's stoic face. Watch Amy's full Hellmann's Super Bowl ad ahead, and see the couple burst into laughter over Gene's unenthusiastic reaction above.