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Adorable Baby Laughing For the First Time Video

This Mom Couldn't Keep It Together When Her 4-Month-Old Baby Laughed For the First Time

For some parents, there's nothing sweeter than hearing their baby laugh for the first time, and that's exactly how Andy and Melissa Fischer from Minnesota felt when their 4-month-old daughter Veda let out her first belly laugh. In a Reddit post on Nov. 4, Andy shared a video capturing the exact moment Veda first laughed, which understandably sent her mom into an uncontrollable fit of giggles.

"[Veda] made a small giggle an hour before, and my wife wasn't around and didn't believe me when I told her," Andy told POPSUGAR via email. "Later, we were sitting down for lunch, and I made a silly face at Veda and she couldn't stop laughing."

"We are so happy that this has been so impactful and uplifting to so many!"

For Melissa and Andy, Veda's first laugh was particularly special because the baby was born three and a half weeks early. Veda was later admitted into the hospital when she was around 1 month old, due to health concerns. "Being new parents has been difficult to say the least!" Andy said. "The moment we captured in the video was so redemptive for us."

Veda's laughter has brought immense joy to her parents and thousands of people who agree that her little smile is just too cute to ignore. "Since posting this on Reddit, there have been so many incredible comments!" Andy said of the video, which has over 100,000 upvotes on Reddit. "People have been sharing how this video has made them smile, laugh, and even bring happy tears to their own eyes. We also loved reading all of the comments other parents made remembering this moment in their own lives. We are so happy that this has been so impactful and uplifting to so many!"

Veda may not be a year old yet, but she's already seen her fair share of dad humor, and it's safe to say that she's a huge fan. See more photos of the baby's adorable smile ahead.

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