I Can’t Stop Watching This 10-Day-Old Smiling and Sticking Her Tongue Out While Her Head’s Massaged

A 10-day-old baby girl in Australia already knows the magical feeling that is getting your head massaged, whether it be a hair washing, scalp massage, or simple head rub. The little lady, named Billie, was the lucky recipient of a head rub from her dad Josh Hawkins (aka Hi Josh), who is known for making funny videos and even funnier faces — and it turns out that yes, Billie is definitely his child! The little one makes a number of faces, even smiles gummily as Josh rubs her head, and it's seriously the cutest thing. Since Josh posted the short clip on his Instagram, it's gone viral, garnering over eight million views on Facebook. Talk about a debut, baby Billie! See the full clip above — you'll for sure be watching this on a loop for quite some time.