Hilarious Back-to-School Memes Every Teacher Can Relate To

It's the end of the Summer, and hidden among your stack of new staff handbooks and cutouts for the bulletin board is a glass of wine, ready to prepare you for the new school year.

Teaching is one of the most important professions, and it certainly comes with some challenges. So what better way to begin a fresh year than with a little laughter? Tag your cohort or all of your colleagues to let them now that class is back in session — and if you're a parent, these memes are sure to give you a little extra sympathy for the heroes that spend all school year with your kids.

It's Shocking How Quickly Summer Disappears

Even Though You Had Big Plans, All You Did Was Sleep

Suddenly You Have Somewhere to Be Every Morning

So Many Meetings That Seemingly Go on Forever

Teachers Know How to Hide Phones Better Than Their Students

At Least Inservice Means Long Lunches Out With Coworkers

But of Course You Can't Get Into the Classroom Yet

Once You Get Your List, You Realize the Amount of Energy You'll Need For the Year

When You Finally Get Your Keys, Some Teachers Are Making Everyone Look Bad

And Even Though You Want a Perfect Classroom, You Know What's Going to Happen

Not Even Ryan Gosling Can Make Lesson Planning Fun

And Lesson Planning Is HARD!

Which Is Why It's Important to Be Prepared

Even If All of the Actual School Supplies You Buy Will Be Gone Soon

But Now, It's the First Day of School and You're Ready

And Even Though Teaching Is Hard, You've Got This!