53 School-Appropriate Halloween Costumes For Teachers

Halloween's a little different when you're a teacher: celebrating the candy-centered holiday usually means keeping overexcited kids in line, managing multiple Halloween classroom events, and — of course — showing off your teacher costume to your coworkers and students alike. Thankfully, costume ideas for teachers are plentiful, and that's especially true if you're willing to embrace your inner kid.

But before dressing up, you'll want to consider the age group of your class to ensure you're choosing a school-appropriate Halloween costume. Kindergartners may not get your "House of the Dragon" reference, but they'll love seeing you dressed up as one of their favorite cartoon characters. Also, the subject you teach may influence your outfit of choice. English teachers can pick their favorite literary character like Jane Eyre, and eccentric chemistry teachers can dress up as mad scientists who are conducting experiments in the lab.

Sure, finding the perfect costume might take a lot of work, but it's so worth it. You might even be able to rope your fellow teachers into a group costume that will leave students in awe of just how committed the faculty is to spreading the Halloween spirit. That's why we've found crafty costumes that make great inspiration for teachers who are planning to dress up this year. Check out the best Halloween costume ideas for teachers for ahead.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano, Haley Lyndes, Melanie Whyte, and Sabienna Bowman.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Field Trip Survivors

Coming back alive from a field trip is the equivalent to winning the lottery for a teacher. Wear your sign loud and proud to prove that you made it back in one piece, and don't forget to gather the faculty together to make this a group Halloween costume for teachers the students will never forget.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" Book Series

Laura Numeroff's book series makes for an easy and cheap group Halloween costume idea for teachers. The costumes are cute, rather than scary, making them safe for even the youngest students in your class.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Jellyfish

A school of jellyfish can easily roam the halls of school thanks to colorful umbrellas, construction paper, and streamers. This Halloween costume idea for teachers definitely requires a crafty eye, but the end result will be worth it.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Mathlete

A teacher's undying love for numbers clearly inspired this original teacher Halloween costume idea. All you need is a jersey-style shirt, a baseball cap, and a little DIY magic to pull this look off.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Ms. Frizzle From "The Magic School Bus Series"

If you find yourself stuck while trying to come up with a Halloween costume idea for teachers that makes sense for your class, go with a classic: Ms. Frizzle. She's everyone's favorite quirky, wacky teacher for a reason.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Kids will feel so much better knowing that their halls are safe with this kind of dynamic duo teaching their class. Round up a couple of teacher friends for this group Halloween costume, and try not to fight over who gets to be Donatello.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

If you need to pitch this group Halloween costume idea for teachers to your coworkers, try telling each teacher they can dress up as the dwarf they relate most to. You're on your own when it comes to figuring out who will be Snow White though.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Sesame Street" Characters

A tutu and matching shirt make it simple to embody your students' favorite "Sesame Street" characters. This is another school-friendly Halloween costume for teachers that's unlikely to scare any of the kids.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Play-Doh

These preschool teachers know the key to their students' hearts: Play-Doh. This is one teacher Halloween costume idea that's sure to be a hit with the under-7 set.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

Construction paper and painted shirts can be used to re-create Eric Carle's beloved classic. This school-appropriate Halloween costume is perfect for elementary and preschool teachers.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Puns

If you're stuck coming up with a school-appropriate costume idea that will entertain kids of all ages, then you can't go wrong with a pun-themed costume. Students will love puzzling out the meaning behind puns like "oh dear" and "holy cow."


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "The Price Is Right"

Painted cardboard boxes can instantly transform any cool teacher squad into the classic game show. This is another group Halloween costume teachers can pull off with ease.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Shark Week

A calendar necklace and shark hat are the two main components of this genius group Halloween costume for teachers, representing the famous Shark Week. If you can't convince your friends to join in, this costume can be done solo, as well.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Furry Creatures

Sometimes, teachers need easy Halloween costume ideas, too. If you're not feeling very inspired this year then order a cozy, animal-themed adult onesie and call it a day.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Arthur"

Need an easy group Halloween costume for teachers? Ask your coworkers to join you in dressing up like Arthur Reed and his pals from the beloved PBS show and book series "Arthur."


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Inside Out"

The adorable children's movie "Inside Out" is an easy way to teach kids about emotions — and an easy Halloween costume to replicate. Just pick your favorite emotion from the film, and use the colors to guide the creation of your easy teacher's Halloween costume.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Powerpuff Girls"

Save the day by wearing pink, green, and blue shirts. Yup, it's really that easy to pull together a "Powerpuff Girls" group teacher Halloween costume with two of your work friends.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Emoji

Put the school's art supplies to good use and dress up as something every kid with an iPhone will recognize. Not only is an emoji a school-appropriate Halloween costume for teachers, it's also perfect for group or solo costumes.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom"

"Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" is a modern classic for the preschool set. Make your students' day by bringing their favorite book to life in the form of a Halloween costume.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: White Rabbit From "Alice in Wonderland"

Go all out for your teacher Halloween costume by dressing as the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland." Deck yourself out in head-to-toe, black-and-white attire, and use bits of white face makeup to add details like whiskers and fur.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Scrabble

Spell out a positive phrase with your best teacher friends with this group Halloween costume idea. These life-size Scrabble pieces can be made with cut-up cardboard boxes for an easier take on the costume.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Scuba Divers

Looking for a quirky group Halloween costume for teachers? Make everyone dress as scuba divers — and choose one unlucky teacher to be the shark.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: A River

A little felt (and imagination) goes a long way. Teachers searching for a unique Halloween costume idea can turn themselves into a river, ocean, or any body of water with simple art supplies and clothes you already have in your closet.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Cards Against Humanity

This amazing G-rated version of the popular card game will definitely impress students — while throwing a little shade! Cards Against Humanity is a favorite among teens, and this tame version of the game is one way to ensure your Halloween costume is appropriate for school.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Smarty Pants

Glue on the sweet little candies to your pants to let students know that you do, in fact, know it all. This is another punny Halloween costume idea for teachers with a love for wordplay.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "The Lorax"

The adorable book-turned-movie is inspiring for every student. Just order a Lorax hat online to complete this easy Halloween costume for teachers who spend lots of time reading Dr. Seuss books to their class.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Professors of Hogwarts

Consult the sorting hat to see which kind of teacher you might be at Hogwarts. Then consult with your friends because when you turn this look into a group Halloween costume, you can't all be Professor McGonagall.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Care Bears

The cute bear friend group is all about fighting with positivity, which is a great lesson for students to remember. As far as group Halloween costumes for teachers go, this is an easy one since all you really need is a colorful t-shirt, construction paper to make your preferred symbol, and a pair of fuzzy bear ears.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Monsters, Inc."

Mike and Sully only scare because they care . . . so channel your inner scariest teacher, while still keeping your costume appropriate for school. Even though "Monsters, Inc." features monsters, it's a sweet movie with characters young kids love.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Pineapple Slice

Yellow apparel and a homemade headpiece bring this pineapple to life. This is a fun, but easy Halloween costume idea for teachers who need a last-minute outfit.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: M&Ms

Use solid t-shirts, white felt, and gloves to dress up as the packet of M&Ms you know you have hiding in your desk drawer. Bonus points if you can get your friends to turn this sweet idea into a group Halloween costume for the whole faculty.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Up"

Balloons, a cane, and a borrowed Girl-Scout sash are the key must-haves to make this adorable costume from the sentimental movie. This school-appropriate Halloween costume is the perfect homage to a Pixar classic.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Mermaids

Mermaids are having a moment right now, so why not use the mythical creatures as inspiration for a fun Halloween costume idea that's sure to wow your students. Order a shimmery skirt and pair it with a simple top and a string of pearls for a low-budget (and low stress) costume.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Bring this English class lesson to life with Harper Lee's main characters. Sure, you'll have to convince a few of your teacher friends to join you in this group Halloween costume, but it's sure to make for an unforgettable lesson.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Unicorn Frappuccino

Any Starbucks fan knows darn well how delicious the Unicorn Frappuccino is. Prepare to earn extra cool points when you enter your classroom in such a trendy teacher Halloween costume.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Cruella de Vil

If your young students scare easily, maybe skip this iconic Disney villain, but if you teach older elementary kids then channeling your inner Cruella de Vil could be lots of fun. Raid your closet for a red and black outfit, and grab a Dalmatian plush to complete this school-appropriate Halloween costume version of one of Disney's scariest baddies.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Rainbow Fish

Some of the best teacher Halloween costume ideas are also the simplest. A rainbow fish is cute and light-hearted, and you get to wear a tutu — it's a guaranteed crowdpleaser (especially if the crowd is made up of little kids).


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: '80s Jazzercise

Unique group Halloween costume ideas for teachers can be hard to come by, but this one is both nostalgic and impressive. Gather up your fellow teachers and then start putting together the brightest outfits you can imagine to bring '80s Jazzercise energy to your school for the day.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: S'mores

Fall-loving teachers will delight in this cozy Halloween costume idea. An all-white outfit with a bit of cardboard paired with a fiery red ensemble makes for a two-person s'mores that will no doubt earn you lots of compliments throughout the day.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Despicable Me"

Minions will never go away, so embrace the kooky characters by letting them overrun the school for one day. Teachers looking for easy Halloween costume ideas can grab a yellow shirt and a pair of jeans (or overalls) in order to transform themselves into minions without breaking the bank.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Room on the Broom"

When you're planning a teacher Halloween costume, you have to keep in mind your audience. A traditional witch might be too scary if you teach young kids, but re-creating the main character from "Room on the Broom" allows you to break out your witch costume while keeping the outfit non-scary.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Creepy Carrots"

Planning on reading your kids a spooky Halloween book? Then make story-time extra special with a teacher Halloween costume that channels your chosen story, like this adorable "Creepy Carrot" ensemble.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Mary Poppins"

If you're searching for a teacher Halloween costume idea that's always appropriate then look no further than Mary Poppins. The iconic nanny has an easy ensemble to re-create, and she's a perfect fit for a classroom setting.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Happy Planet

The perfect Halloween costume for teachers is one that's both sweet and easy to wear. Creating a happy planet will only take you a few minutes and a bit of construction paper and string. Pop it over your head for class, and then set it to the side if it starts getting in the way throughout the day.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Skeleton

Dressing up for Halloween shouldn't feel like a chore. Teachers who are looking for a low-commitment Halloween costume idea should embrace the simplicity of a skeleton outfit. Finding a matching sweatsuit set with a skeleton print is super simple, and the effect is just as festive as a more elaborate look.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Expo Markers

Art teachers, this one is for you. Nothing screams teacher's Halloween costume quite like turning yourself into an Expo marker with a white shirt and a dash of crafty can-do attitude.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Mario Kart"

If you feel stuck brainstorming your teacher Halloween costume idea, then look to the kids for inspiration. Mario is cool again thanks to the 2023 blockbuster hit, and a "Mario Kart" costume is an easy win if you're trying to impress your class.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Dragons Love Tacos"

Take the bestselling book "Dragons Love Tacos" literally on Halloween day. This Halloween costume idea for teachers will be a hit with the littles at story-time.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "The Crucible"

This teacher tested her high school student's knowledge about the classic novel by dressing up as the poppet that landed Elizabeth in jail in "The Crucible." A deep-cut literary Halloween costume idea like this one is especially appropriate for English teachers.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Trolls

The "Trolls" movies just keep coming, which makes them a perennial favorite when teachers need Halloween costume ideas. Glue a bunch of tulle to a headband to re-create the characters' crazy hairdos, and add a colorful shirt to channel the troll of your choice.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Three Little Pigs

Straw, bricks, sticks, and DIY pig masks make this an easy and sweet costume. It's also a teacher Halloween costume idea that never goes out of style thanks to the enduring nature of nursery rhymes.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: Bubble Gum Machines

There might not be gum chewing allowed in school, but teachers still make all the rules... even on Halloween. This crafty teacher's Halloween costume idea takes a little planning, but the final product is worth the extra effort if you have the time.


Teacher Halloween Costume Idea: "Olivia"

Sometimes coming up with the right Halloween costume as a teacher just means glancing at your bookshelf. All you need for this look is some homemade pig ears and a red dress to make one adorable Olivia.