This Couple's Balloon-Pop Gender Reveal Goes Horribly Wrong, and That's Before the Fence Incident!

In an era in which gender-reveal stunts are getting more and more elaborate (cue the powder cannons and drone drops), a classic balloon pop feels very . . . safe. Not so for the couple featured in the latest viral video shared to Instagram by Gender Reveal Videos.

In the video, the couple attempted to pop open a large black balloon with sticks, piñata style. After one particularly strong whack, the rope untethered itself from the stake in the grass and shot up into the air like a rocket.

Amid shrieks and dare-we-say-maniacal laughter from the crowd, the dad-to-be sprinted to catch it, attempted to hop the white picket fence, and, well, let's just say he did not succeed. In fact, it was a pretty incredible scene — the dad was lying perfectly still on the ground while random people sprinted, arms toward the sky, in every direction, all doomed to fail.

The next time you consider doing a simple gender-reveal party, let this epic video — which you'll likely need to watch a good dozen times to fully appreciate every detail — serve as a cautionary tale. For your own health and safety, maybe you don't need to find out your baby's sex with blindfolds and yardsticks and sprained back muscles?