This Couple Did a Powder Cannon Gender Reveal, and We’re Guessing Dad Has Regrets

One of the most popular methods of gender reveal these days is the powder cannon reveal, in which the parent(s)-to-be blast open a tube filled with pink or blue powder. Sara Paulk and her husband, David, chose to go along with the popular trend when it came to revealing the sex of their baby, and after seeing how it all went down, we wouldn't hold it against David if he now has regrets.

In a hilarious video shared to Instagram by Gender Reveal Videos, Sara and David can be seen holding their cannons, discussing when to pop them open. Once they're synced up, everyone in attendance behind the camera screams, "3, 2, 1, GO!" and powder flies out of David's cannon . . . but Sara's gets stuck, and rather than celebrate knowing the sex due to the first cannon, Sara is determined to get hers open. She turns to look at David, twists harder, and well, you can probably guess the rest. See the moment when David's life likely flashed before his eyes in the hysterical video above.