Change It Up! 50 Popular Baby Names With a Spelling Twist

While there are plenty of beautiful, unusual names out there for babies, there are also the more traditional names and, of course, the most popular. If you're looking to name your baby something classic or trendy but don't want them to have the same exact name as every other baby on the block, consider taking one of the most popular names and altering the spelling to jazz it up a bit.

We've taken the 50 most popular boy and girl names of recent years — though, any name could work for any gender — and changed up the spellings to give them unique twists.


  1. Noah, Noaah, Noa
  2. Liam, Liahm, Liaam
  3. Mason, Maison, Masen, Mayson
  4. Jacob, Jakob, Jaycob
  5. William, Wiliam, Williem
  6. Ethan, Ethen, Ethyn
  7. Michael, Mikael, Mychael
  8. Alexander, Aleksander, Alixander, Alekzander
  9. James, Jaymes, Jaimes
  10. Daniel, Danial
  11. Elijah, Elija
  12. Benjamin, Benjamyn, Benjamen
  13. Logan, Logen, Logyn
  14. Aiden, Aaden, Aden, Aidan, Aidyn, Ayden
  15. Jayden, Jaden, Jaeden, Jaiden, Jaydon
  16. Matthew, Mathew, Matthieu
  17. Jackson, Jaxon, Jacksyn
  18. David, Daved, Dayvid
  19. Lucas, Lukas
  20. Joseph, Jozeph, Josef
  21. Andrew, Andru
  22. Samuel, Samule, Samuell
  23. Gabriel, Gabrial, Gabryel
  24. Joshua, Joshuah
  25. John, Johnn, Jon


  1. Emma, Emmah
  2. Olivia, Olivea, Oliviah
  3. Sophia, Sofia, Sofiya, Sofiah
  4. Isabella, Izabella, Isybella
  5. Ava, Avah, Ayva
  6. Mia, Miya
  7. Emily, Emely, Emilee, Emilie, Emmalee
  8. Abigail, Abigale, Abagail
  9. Madison, Maddison, Madisyn
  10. Charlotte, Charlote, Charlette
  11. Harper, Harpar
  12. Avery, Averi, Averie
  13. Elizabeth, Elizibeth, Elizybeth
  14. Amelia, Aemilia, Amilea
  15. Evelyn, Evelynn, Evilyn
  16. Ella, Ellah
  17. Chloe, Khloe, Chloey
  18. Victoria, Viktoria, Vyctoria
  19. Aubrey, Aubree, Aubrie, Aubri
  20. Grace, Grayce, Graice
  21. Zoey, Zoe, Zoie
  22. Natalie, Nathalie, Natalee
  23. Addison, Adison, Addyson, Addisyn
  24. Lillian, Lilian, Lilliann
  25. Brooklyn, Brooklynn