You've Never Seen C-Section Birth Photos More Striking Than These, We Promise

Every single birth is beautiful, there's no doubt about that — even if it is a planned or unplanned C-section birth. Whether the birth photographer is able to snap photos through a clear drape or has to snap shots of Mom and emerging baby on separate sides of the curtain, capturing this type of birth is a true art form that deserves to be marveled at.

See some of the absolute best C-section birth photos ahead.

Ker-Fox Photography

With her head propped up by her partner, this mom got a clear view of her little one entering the world.

Ker-Fox Photography

To see this much expression on baby's face before their body even emerges is breathtaking.

Churchin Photography

This little babe had themself a cry before being handed over to Mom.

Holly Michelle Photography

This baby emerged head-first, looking a bit cranky at having to leave the warm womb.

Alyssa Leon | Cherry Blossom Doula

This little one was ready to give mom a huge hug!

Alyssa Leon | Cherry Blossom Doula

Mom was already reaching out for her newborn faster than the doctor could get them over the drapes.

The Sophia Co

This striking shot captures the umbilical cord making its way out after baby.

Kerfox Photography

This baby was more than ready to initiate their and Mom's first cuddling sesh.

Laura Cate Photography

You can practically hear the silence in this room right before Mom was opened up.

Brittany Brooks Photography

This baby popped out with a healthy scream!

Alyssa Leon | Cherry Blossom Doula

Through the clear curtain, this mom was able to see her baby's arm resting dramatically over their head as they made an entrance.

RGV Birth Photography

Baby's legs were the last to emerge during this birth.

Alyssa Leon | Cherry Blossom Doula

This mom was overcome with emotion when her baby was finally placed in her arms.

Penny Layne Photography

Mom wasn't able to see everything that was going on, but her partner was ready for baby to come around the corner.

Erin Fortney Photography

The look on this mom's face says it all — birth is so incredible.

Danielle Hobbs Photography

We can practically feel how relieved this mom was to have her baby finally next to her.