These C-Section Photos Featuring Clear Drapes Between Mom and Baby Will Blow Your Damn Mind

Alyssa Leon, a labor doula who also specializes in birth photography, is every mom's biggest advocate when it comes to being aware of the options they have during their births. Of late, she's doing so with the most gorgeous and mind-blowing C-section photos from a family-centered birth center in Phoenix, AZ, that gives the option for moms to request a clear plastic drape during their birth so that they can see what's going on and be more connected (rather than an opaque drape that would block a mom's view of her baby being born).

"We remember every detail of the day we brought our babies into this world," Leon wrote in a post to her Facebook page, Cherry Blossom Doula. "How we were treated, and what the birth environment looked and sounded like. My goal from day one has been to help normalize the variations of birth and this will continue to drive my desire to grow and support families in our community. Through my photos, I have been able to help educate women of their options and hopefully take away some of the fear and misconceptions surrounding birth."

See her gorgeous C-section photos ahead.