14 Hairdos You Need to Try on Your Kid ASAP

Whether you have your kid's morning routine down pat or it's a war of the worlds to get a brush through her locks in the a.m., these supersweet hairstyles are truly timeless and worth a try. Whether your daughter's sporting a short bob or is a huge fan of braids, these looks are definitely both kid- and mama-approved.


Tiny Braids

Small, tight braids are a super-low-maintenance option for girls with thick hair.


Quick Buns

If she's about the half-up, half-down look, try throwing her locks into two high, messy buns before heading out the door.


Beachy Curls

A short, curly bob ensures a playful look. Pro tip: keep a bottle of detangler on hand to combat knots throughout the day.


Upscale Updo

Ramp up the sophistication by adding an artistic accessory to her updo. Look for pretty options on Etsy or DIY your own.


Eye-Catching Braids

Put your own spin on these classic french braids by incorporating a few extra kinks into her everyday pigtails.


Beautiful Bows

These bow braids are timeless and super complex-looking. Make sure you go heavy on the hairspray if she has straight or fine hair.


Fuss-Free Bob

If your kid's OK with going short for the Summer, a layered cut is a surefire way to keep hair off her neck.


Sassy Pigtails

Parting her hair right down the middle and adding colored elastics and bows makes for a little extra pizzazz.


Precise Pixie Cut

Keeping her hair short means all Mom has to do is throw a cute clip in it and head out for the day.


Stylish Pony

Ensure long locks stay with one place with a gorgeous bubble ponytail.


Pull-Through Braids

She'll have a party in the front and the back with this braids-bun combo.


Simple Braid

Braid her hair when it's still a little damp, finish it off with a bow, and you're good to go.


Flattering Fishtail

This supertight braid will make it through her entire playdate, no questions asked.


Glam Pony

Add a little flair to her everyday staple by wrapping the elastic with some leftover yarn.


Playful Afro

This sweet afro is both gorgeous and versatile. It literally gives any outfit a major upgrade.