The True Joys of Motherhood

For all the sleepless nights, temper tantrums (theirs and ours), trips to the doctor (and the ER), and countless loads of laundry, I don't know a single mother who would trade motherhood for any other job in the world. From the smiles and sloppy kisses to the macaroni necklaces and teenage hugs, there's truly no greater joy in the world than being a mom. Don't believe us? Read on to see what our moms deem the best part of motherhood. The answers will help you through those sleepless nights — we promise! Source: Instagram user thephotoboothe

"Everything and every moment." — Debbie Source: Instagram user careezya

"OMG when he says he loves me. When I look at him and just feel absolute, forever love for him." — Amy Source: Instagram user almacaballero

"Being able to share all of the special things in life with my children and watching their reactions to each event." — Heather Source: Instagram user kyjimenez

"Having my baby curl up to me and know that I'm her Mum." — Ashley Source: Instagram user celrod03

"Seeing the world thru my children's eyes, laughing at everything or nothing at all, acting like a big kid, learning from my brilliant teenager about things that I know nothing about." — Hope Source: Instagram user agorgeousbritt

"You really can not explain it until you have a baby, just sitting in the nursery early in the morning dead quite breathing in her beautiful baby smell and kissing her soft hair on the top of her head, it does not get any better than that." — Emily Source: Instagram user vee_mariee

"I don't know it's a pretty thankless job once they hit 8 or so. But the early years, the smiles and hugs and kisses and giggles. Then the later (much later) years when they still love you after all your mistakes!" — Jeannine Source: Instagram user thephotoboothe

"The love you get from your children, and watching them achieve there goals. very proud of them both." — Tracy Source: Instagram user heidistjohn

"Watching them sleep, and then smile at [you] when they wake up." — Brooke Source: Instagram user 4feetfine

"Hearing belly laughs, little arms wrapped around your neck, hugs from a teenager out of the blue, knowing you can cure booboos with a kiss, and hearing 'I love you.'" — Joye Source: Instagram user missz326

"When they have an 'ah-ha' moment about something you've been teaching them or telling them for a long time. It's good when the light bulb goes onand they finally understand WHY you have said what you've said." — SuEllen Source: Instagram user luandboo

"The cuddles and love and sloppy kisses and smiles :)" — Birdie Source: Instagram user heidinormann

"Seeing them happy and feeling they know you love them unconditionally." — Carey Source: Instagram user vwcphotography

"The love you get back from your children, and knowing the trust they put in you, to make sure they grow up to be the best they can, and the fact that I play a huge role in the over all development of my children....I have big goals for my son, and I hope he will for himself too...." — Catharine Source: Instagram user coreyvillicana

"The love in return. The cuteness. The humor!" — Tina Source: Instagram user stephdschwartz