42 Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas to Solidify Your Bond

It's a lucky thing to have your mom as one of your very best friends in life. Sure, you might have gotten into little squabbles over significant others and eye makeup when you were 13, but nothing compares to the bond you have with the person who brought you into this world. And what better way to celebrate that than with mother-daughter tattoos? Getting a tattoo is one of the easiest ways to commemorate a special moment, date, or loved one, and in this case, sentimental mother-daughter tattoos are a permanent message to all that will listen, exactly how much you love your mom.

If you've been on the hunt for ideas to inspire your own design, the beauty in body art is that you're in charge. This means that whether you want a hyperrealistic tattoo or a more obscure quote design — you get the final say on what goes onto your (and you're mom's) body. Symbols that represented something important in your relationship are a popular option, such as a type of flower, matching hearts, or butterflies. Alternatively, popular mother daughter tattoo quote ideas include song lyrics (throwback to "You Are My Sunshine," anyone?) or a personal phrase from your childhood — perhaps a nickname or a book you read together growing up. It's always nice to put a little extra thought behind the design to give the tattoo an extra meaningful touch.

Ready to jump in? Keep reading for mother daughter tattoo ideas, from hidden ink to small tattoo designs and beyond.

— Additional reporting by Ariel Baker


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Hearts

For a simple mother daughter tattoo idea, try minimalist, fine-line style hearts.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: "Donde Estés, Estaré Contigo"

Don't be afraid to go a little abstract with your sentimental mother daughter tattoos, as seen here.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: As Long as I'm Living . . .

This mother-daughter tattoo says: "my mommy you'll be" and "my baby you'll be."


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Elephant Origami

This elephant origami is the perfect symbol for mother-daughter love.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Tiny Sunflowers

At this point, flower tattoos should be the symbol for mother-daughter love.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Tiny Pink Daisys

Hyperrealistic flowers and mother-daughter tattoos will always go hand in hand.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Mother-Daughter Flowers

Mother-daughter tattoos don't have to be tiny. Take this floral tattoo that goes up a third of the leg for example.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Chain of Hearts

If you need simple mother daughter tattoo ideas, these linked hearts are worth considering.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: "There's No Better Friend Than a Daughter . . . "

Yes, mothers and daughters fight but let this mother-daughter tattoo remind you: there's no better friend than your mom.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: "You Are Enough"

This sentimental mother daughter tattoo acts as a reminder as well as a gorgeous shared design.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: "My Family Is . . ."

Mother-daughter quote tattoos don't have to be tiny. Take up space and put them somehwere they can't be missed, like the forearm.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Music Notes

Love music? Infuse your passion into the design of your mother-daughter tattoo and get something like the music notes seen here.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: She Taught Me to Fly . . .

Another case for hyperrealistic mother-daughter tattoos? These stunning butterfly portraits.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Mother-Daughter Knot

Another eccentric mother-daughter tattoo idea? This intricate knot design.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Family Portrait

There is nothing better than coming across your favorite picture, so why not make your mother-daughter tattoo a hyperrealistic design of yourself and your mom as seen here?


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: I Love You, I Love You More

Use your mother-daughter tattoo to send a message to your mom.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Heart Thumbprints

Nothing says "you complete me" like a single design shared between two people and this mother-daughter tattoo featuring a heart made of thumb prints is proof.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Flowers

Should you be a lover of flowers and greenery when it comes to you designs, try this floral mother-daughter tattoo in an interesting place like the side of the leg.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Mother Holding Daughter

If you want you mother-daughter tattoo to be a conversation starter get something that draws the eye like this sihlouette of a mother holding a daughter.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Matching Hearts

If you prefer a mother-daughter tattoo that is easy to hide, you can't go wrong with this heart design.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Stars and Moon

If you or you mother prefer a more subtle approach to your designs, this miminal "starts and moon" design is the ultimate mother-daughter tattoo.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Think Positive

This mother daughter tattoo quote gives a simple reminder to think positive.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Love You Forever

Sentimental mother-daughter tattoos can capture everything from your favorite song lyric or a quote, as seen with this design.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Butterflies

This is another butterfly-themed mother-daughter tattoo but this time with diferrent coloring, proving how versatile the design is.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Matching Palm Trees

If you and your mom can always be found by the beach, make your mother-daughter tattoo design palm trees.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Mother-Daughter Flowers

An easy way to amp up your mother-daughter tattoo with floral designs? Make the "stem" a word.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: I Believe in You

Simple mother-daughter tattoos like this "I believe in you" quote will always hit you in the feelings.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers are a classic design that will always look good for a mother-daughter tattoo.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Black Silhouettes

Another silhouette piece this mother-daughter tattoo shows a love between a mother and their child.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: 2 Moons

Another simple, yet elegant mother-daughter tattoo design? These crescent moons.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: "She Gave Me Life; She Gave Me Purpose"

Another stunning quote design, this mother-daughter tattoo incorporates an intricate floral theme.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Family Is Forever

Have a family crest? The design makes for the perfect sentimental mother daughter tattoo.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Compass

No matter where you go, this compass mother-daughter tattoo will always remond you that you can go home to your mom.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Individual Portraits

Are you and your mom the more artsy type? If so, opt for your mother-daughter tattooto be abstract portraits of each other like this one.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: "We Are Sailing"

Have a favorite activity you do with your mom? Make it the theme of your matching mother-daughter tattoo.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Beating Hearts

This "beating heart" mother-daughter tattoo looks like lover personified.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Dragonflies

Another way to amp up your animal-themed mother-daughter tattoo is to get it in an unexpected location, like your palm.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Eternal Love

This mother-daughter tattoo proves that there's no love as long lasting as a mother's.


Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Tea Cups

This mother-daughter tattoo looks a delicate as the fine china it's modeled after.

Mother-Daughter Tattoos: "Any Way the Wind Blows"

This is another mother-daughter tattoo that features a quote but if you want your version hidden, get it in a hard to see place like the shoulder blade.