Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Seemingly Reveal Their Third Child's Gender in Touching Tweet

It looks like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have another baby girl! The proud parents have kept pretty quiet since welcoming their third child this Summer, but on Oct. 16, Ryan seemingly confirmed the baby's gender through a powerful and political tweet.

"I love B.C. 🇨🇦 I want my daughters to experience the same natural playground I grew up in," the 42-year-old actor tweeted, along with a sweet photo of himself, Blake, and the baby. "On Oct. 21, the candidate you vote for will SHAPE CLIMATE POLICY. I'm proud of the climate progress made the last 4 years. "

Ryan's reference to his "daughters" seems like a deliberate way of identifying his family's newest addition, and Blake added her support by retweeting the photo. They're also mom and dad to 4-year-old James and 3-year-old Inez. Now, baby makes three! The parents clearly prioritize the well-being of their children, whether it be at home or on a global level, like Ryan's tweet indicates. We just can't get enough of this cute family!