A Boy Woke Up at 3:23 a.m. to Help His Baby Brother, and Wow, That Sweet Camera Footage!

Mom of six Gloria McIntosh is taking the time to show her appreciation for her 10-year-old son, Mason. In a heartwarming video that's making its rounds on TikTok, we see Mason wake up in the middle of the night to attend to his baby brother, who kept him up for half an hour.

"The baby woke up in the middle of the night," Gloria wrote. "I heard him fussing so I just checked the camera to see if he would just fall back asleep and saw his brother showing the best example of love and patience. He stayed with him for almost 30 minutes trying to get him back to sleep. I eventually came in and got the baby, and asked my son why he didn't just come and get me."

As a parent, Gloria wants her children to get a full night's rest, however, she couldn't help but share the touching reason Mason woke up in the first place. "He said he wanted me to get some rest, because I did a lot that day," she explained. "While parenting is not his responsibility, just the fact that he understood that he is his brother's keeper, and considered my long day as a mom, is much appreciated ❤️"