Children Are Competing With Devices For Uninterrupted Time With Their Parents

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While the Internet is busy fussing over how much screen time children should have and how too much time with devices is having negative effects on kids, AVG Technologies wants to know how kids feel about their parents overusing screens.

In research done by AVG, the relationship between parents, children, and smartphones was examined. Of the 6,000 people — parents and their children ages 8-13 — surveyed, AVG found that 54 percent of children feel that their parents are on their devices too often, and 32 percent of children were actually upset by this and felt unimportant while their parents were engaging in screen time.

Every parent wants to raise a well-balanced child, and the amount of screen time children have is important to most parents in relation to that balance (25 percent of parents in the survey want their kids to use devices less) — but to raise children who are conscious of personal interactions and being present with others rather than on their devices is something that has to start with the example that parents set.

Watch the video to hear from two children who feel their parents' device time affects their relationship with them, and scroll through the infographic below for more of the survey's surprising findings.

AVG Technologies