This Hollow Chocolate Smash Cake Is the Most Fun Gender Reveal We’ve Seen in a While

We've seen every type of gender reveal, from ones using cakes and balloons to those enlisting the help of pizzas or lasagna (yes, seriously), and even though our most recent gender reveal discoveries are also cakes, this one isn't an ordinary flour and eggs masterpiece. No, it's a cake made from hollow chocolate and filled with either pink or blue candies — and watching this sweet dad-to-be smash one to reveal if his partner is having a girl or boy is sweeter than any bite of chocolate.

The sprinkled, heart-shaped cake, which was made by Sydney Smash Cakes in Australia, read "Boy or Girl," and was given to the dad as a surprise birthday gift. His second gift was a wooden stick resembling a rolling pin that would be used to smash the chocolate.

Watch the video above to see his adorable reaction!