Chris Hemsworth's 10 Best Parenting Moments Are Half Cute, Half Hilarious

There's nothing we love more than an adorable and hilarious dad, which is how Chris Hemsworth can be described to a T when it comes to his relationship with his kids, 5-year-old India Rose and 4-year-old twin boys Tristan and Sasha. The 34-year-old may play Thor and a variety of other characters while at work, but at home, he plays the role of a goofy and loving dad who loves to be outside with his family, impress his movies upon his little ones, and nod as his wife, Elsa Pataky, scolds their kids in Spanish (of which he doesn't speak a lick).

From videos of his kids getting into trouble to sweet photos of him loving on them in crazy-beautiful outdoor scenes, the following parenting moments are definitely some of Chris's cutest.


When he went surfing with his little coach, India.


When he got goofy while jump roping.


When he realized his kid was a surfing pro.


When he reflected on a solid day of surfing (ahem, shirtless) with a little one wrapped around his neck.


When he discovered his son might actually be Tarzan.


When his fan club — his kids and a mini Thor doll — cheered him on at the 2017 Golden Globes.


When he gushed about his son being cooler than an incredible sunset.


When he marveled at his twins' protectiveness over each other.


When Thor — erm, Chris — "passed the torch" to his caped kid.


When he introduced his kids to Thor.