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Chrissy Teigen and Luna's Funny News Report Video on Twitter

Reporting From Chrissy Teigen's Living Room, Here's Luna Stephens With the News: "Nothing!"

If you've been refreshing Twitter for days and have had your eyes glued to the electoral map since Tuesday morning, please allow Luna Stephens to interrupt your routine scrolling with some "breaking news." In a video shared to Chrissy Teigen's Twitter account on Nov. 5, the 4-year-old showed off her news-anchor skills — dressed in a Frozen pajama dress, no less — and gave a superrelatable news briefing. "So, Luna, what's the news today?" Chrissy asked her daughter with the TV showing live updates of the 2020 presidential election in the background. Luna shrugged and replied, "Nothing!" and followed up by saying that there was nothing to talk about. So, yeah, we can't help but feel like this entire segment felt as relevant as the actual news currently popping up on our screens.

"She loves to pretend she's a news anchor. and thinks there is no news. what a life that must be," Chrissy captioned the post. As part of the Twitter thread, Chrissy also shared videos of 2-year-old Miles showing off his star-covered pajamas and playing with his teddy bear, aka living the dream. Check out all of Chrissy's family videos for a laugh here and treat yourself to some much-deserved mental and emotional rest as we continue to await the election results.

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