Chrissy Teigen's Family Photo Struggle Is So Relatable — *Almost* Everyone Is Looking

Taking a photo of one kid can be a struggle, but taking a photo of your entire family can be a total disaster waiting to happen, and Chrissy Teigen knows just how much time goes into getting a decent family picture. In an Instagram post on Friday, Chrissy shared a rare photo of her whole family, including John Legend, 3-year-old Luna, 1-year-old Miles, and Grandma Vilailuck. With smiles on everyone's faces, the photo looked absolutely adorable, and it would have been perfect if *someone* had been looking at the camera — ahem, Miles.

"We are ALMOST all looking!!! #someday," she captioned the post, and we feel ya, Chrissy. Despite the fact that Miles was probably busy spacing out about his Halloween costume, this family photo was still super sweet. We can't wait for Chrissy to share even more — maybe with the whole family looking at the camera next time!