Watch a Giddy Chrissy Teigen Share Her Pregnancy News

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She announced her fertility struggles on her new show, FabLife, so it's only fitting that Chrissy Teigen shares her pregnancy news there as well. On sneak peek of Monday's show, we see Chrissy sharing her news with her co-workers and audience and thanking some very special people in her life — the show's sound crew.

"It's hard keeping a secret and I gotta thank all of you," the expectant mom told her cohosts. "And even our sound guys who could hear me throwing up backstage every day."

Earlier this month Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, announced that they are going to become first-time parents via a post on her Instagram account.

She shares that the announcement photo was a bit more complicated to accomplish than it looks. "I love that photo because it looks so natural, but I'll tell you how much staging went behind that — it was a lot," she said. "There was a table in the background, I was like, gotta get that table out."

"We're really excited, we're so excited. John is really, really, really excited."